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About Duchess


Duchess: Elegance Always • Adorn Your Sense
Duchess was established on April 22, 2013, meaning the female aristocratic title of the European King's daughter, known as the Duke or Duchess. Duchess' image to the society is always noble and elegant, the brand means that DUCHESS handbag can bring noble and elegant temperament to its owner.
Duchess is a Malaysian start-up female handbags brand. Our goal is mainly to maintain the high quality, noble and elegant design with affordable price. With the help of e-commerce, we manage to start up the brand with a small fund, and do not use a traditional business model. Therefore, we are growing slowly with the support from our lovely customers.
Today, we are still working hard to provide better service to our customers. Our dream is to have at least one Duchess bag in every woman's wardrobe in the future.
Duchess: 永恒的优雅