A.About Duchess Malaysia
A1.Q: Can I shopping in Duchess Malaysia with confidence?
A: Sure! We are online business company that established over 7 years in Malaysia. We build a strong relationship with our buyers and keep improving our services. Therefore, you can shop in Duchess Malaysia with confidence.

B.About the Deals
B1.Q: How is Duchess offer such awesome deals?
A: This is all thanks to the power of group purchasing. We promise to supply a minimum number of buyers, in return they offer heavy discounts offer for the selected products.

B2.Q: I missed last week deal, can I repurchase it now?
A: Each deal will be updated every week, some will continue for another week, while some may end up expired and stop selling. For those deals that expired, probably will resume again but with a very low possibility. However, if you want to know when the product which deals had expired will be on-sales again, you may message us at (enquiry.duchess@outlook.com).

B3.Q: How do I know the best deals that offer in 
Duchess on time?
A: Just subscribe for our newsletter (Top left on Home page) or become our Facebook fans to keep yourself updated so that you won't miss any of our great deals.

B4.Q: Can I unsubscribe the newsletter in the future?
A: Sure, just press the 'unsubscribe' button (Top left on Home page).

C.About Delivery
C1.Q: Who will delivers my order?
Duchess will responsible to dispatch your order(s) after collected all the stock from Merchant and deliver by courier company. However, if the item(s) are shipping to East Malaysia which are overweight or oversize will be arrange to ship out by Pos Parcel due to possibility been stop by Custom for using other courier company.

C2.Q: Can I track my order?
A: Yes, as soon as your order has been dispatched, you will receive an e-mail regards on your Tracking Number. For more information about how to track, you may refer to 


C3.Q: How long it will take to receive my parcel?
A: You may refer to the fine print stated in Deal description for delivery date. After buyer receive the Tracking Number via Email, normally will receive it within 2 to 3 working days if there's no delay from courier except for Pos Parcel.

C4.Q: Can I change the delivery address after I paid for my order?
A: Sure, if we haven't ship out your parcel yet. In case of the delivery address is incorrect, you will need to contact us as soon as possible to avoid your product being deliver to the unwanted address.

C5.Q: What if nobody home when courier company send my order?
A: You may need to call the courier company regards on your parcel information, after you noted the location where your parcel is hold, you will need to stop by and provide them your Tracking Number in order to claim your parcel.
C6.Q: What if my product has not arrived?
A: Firstly, please check the delivery deadline in the fine print of the product that you bought. If the deadline has not passed, your product should be delivered within the allocated time. However, if the delivery deadline already over while you still haven't receive your product, please contact us to enquire for more information.

C7.Q: Where is your office location? Can I pick-up myself for the order that I purchased?
A:Our office located at Taiping, Perak, however you are unable to pick up, as delivering by courier is our only deliver method.

C8.Q: What if my parcel return back to Duchess if I didn't manage to claim the parcel?
A: Buyer is responsible to keep track their parcel once they received the tracking number by email. However, if delivery unsuccessfully and failed to contact buyer, the parcel will be place at the nearest courier company for at least a week if buyer didn't manage to claim it. After that, if the parcel returned back to us, we will keep the parcel regards on returned issue. Buyer will have to contact us within 60 days to claim back their parcel. If we did not receive any notification within the time period, we will not take any further action. You may refer to our website "Refund & Exchange Policy" for more info.

D.About Payment
D1.Q: What kind of payment methods 
Duchess Malaysia accept?
A: We are accepting Credit Card and Online Banking payment methods.


D2.Q: How can I purchase from Duchess Malaysia if I don't have Credit Card or Online Banking?
A: Firstly, you need to register as a member and make an order on our website. After that, please provide the Order ID to our customer service team by email (enquiry.duchess@outlook.com) or Facebook Inbox (m.me/DuchessBag). They will assist you in the next steps for this matter. You may refer to our website "How To Buy" for more info.


D3.Q: Do Duchess Malaysia accept ATM Transfer / ATM Bank In?
A: Yes, you may refer to D2, however Credit Card or Online Banking thru IPay88 payment gateway is the safest method.

D4.Q: What happens after I paid for my order?
A: You will receive an email confirmation within few minutes which confirming that your transaction is successful. When we dispatched your order, another email will be sent out to inform you the tracking details.


D5.Q: Why will I get charged for two orders (which are exactly the same) (which I only need one)?
A: We are strongly recommend you to check your Bank Account etc. to confirm that you didn't get charged before you attempting to go for another payment. The issue mentioned might happen when your internet connection suddenly disconnected or when the connection is weak.  

D6.Q: What action will 
Duchess take if the incident D5 occur?
A: Whenever you found out the incident happened, you will need to contact us as soon as possible, and we will make refund  (fully refund). However if you didn't contact us or only contact us after the deal end, we will deliver both of the parcels as usual

*Refund will only take part within 7 days after received goods (only product cost will be refund for this case), which after the period, your request will not be entertained.


D7.Q: Can I request for refund if I found out that I bought a wrong product?
A: Yes, you can but you must return the product to us at your own cost.


D8.Q: When I go through payment, it doesn't process or not functioning, what should I do?
A: Normally it happens when you attempting to go through the payment via mobile, it will be best to use PC to go through the payment as sometimes mobile are unable to link with the system.

E.About Product Defect, Exchange or Refund
E1.Q: What should I do when I received my product?
A: Upon receiving your item, it is your responsibility to check for defective and faultly. If you found that is faulty, kindly refer to question below.

E2.Q: What if I received the item with manufacturing defective or received wrong item?
A: We will check the item condition carefully for all the products before dispatched, but if you found any manufacturing defective product, please refer to our "Refund & Exchange Policy" and kindly contact our support team (enquiry.duchess@outlook.com). Any faulty reports after 7 days upon receiving date will not be entertained unless it is a manufacturer problem.

E3.Q: Help! I still have more questions.
A: You may email us at enquiry.duchess@outlook.com, our customer support would be happy to serve you.

Please click here to know more about “How To Buy” the deals.

* Duchess reserves the right to make change to this policy without prior notice.